The Modernization and Inspections Department provides Pest Control & Inspection services to our residents and oversees Modernization and Capital projects to our property. Other key functions performed by the department include; Project Management, HVAC program, Grants, and Community Development. Inspectors conduct Housing Urban Development (HUD) mandated inspections annually and other inspections as needed.

30-day Pest Control Inspection Schedule

Pest Control Technicians will visit your unit every 30 working days to inspect for any potential pest control issues and provide treatment as necessary. Inspectors and Pest Control Technicians will be glad to speak with Residents concerning their responsibility in keeping units in good condition and pest free.

For more information, call 423-232-4784 or inquire at the department’s offices, 901 Pardee Street.

Modernization and Inspection Personnel

  • Mark S. Markland, Director, Modernization and Inspections
  • Steve Price, Senior Inspector
  • Adam Williams, Community Development/Inspections Manager
  • Rick Headrick, Electrical/HVAC Project Manager
  • Adam Warren, Community Development Project Manager