The Community Policing Department provides a safe environment for all residents so they are able to peacefully enjoy their accommodations and take pride in their neighborhood through its Education and Prevention activities.

Education and Prevention Programs

The Education and Prevention activities help adults become better parents, and teach children to reject illegal drugs. Programs include:

Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (S.A.L.T.) Council
The goal of the Johnson City S.A.L.T. Council is to reduce the likelihood that senior citizens will become victims of crime and elder abuse by exploring ways senior citizens, community members, and law enforcement can cooperate and support each other.

Community Involvement Workshops
Community Involvement Workshops are monthly meetings that give residents the opportunity to become involved in their community. Guest speakers provide education and in various areas of safety and crime prevention. Neighborhood residents are encouraged to attend these meetings and discuss concerns with Community Police Officers, and JCHA Community Safety staff.

Police and Teens Reaching Opportunities for Life (P.A.T.R.O.L.)
The P.A.T.R.O.L. program is open to all JCHA resident children ages 9 to 16. Monthly competitions are held in each of four categories—sports, grades, art, and community service. The program is an excellent opportunity for children to get to know their Community Police Officers and express themselves in their areas of interest. Prizes have included laser tag, miniature golf, restaurant meals, trips, and other activities of interest. For information, call the Community Safety Office at 423.926.3339.

The Intervention Program
The Intervention Program provides housing authority residents with case management and intervention services for substance abuse and mental health issues. The services connect residents, family members and friends in need with referrals to appropriate treatment programs.
The Community Policing Department is also responsible for the monitoring and enforcement of Lease Violations that affect the residents’ peaceful enjoyment of our neighborhoods.


The Community Safety Office
Keystone Development
901 Pardee Street

For more information, call 423.926.3339

To file a complaint, call 423.232.4785, email, or complete an electronic form accessed at

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