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Resident Services

Resident Services office, (423) 926-3225

Athletic and Activity Program

Keystone Recreation Center, Pardee Street, (423) 232-4627

Why do I have to be fingerprinted?

While running a routine background check, it was detected through the NCIC system that there could be a possibility of a previous arrest on record, which must be verified. A record needs to be obtained to make a legal determination whether or not to extend a lease to an applicant.

When do I need to register a guest?

When one has a guest that will be staying overnight or past 12 midnight, which is considered an overnight guest, the resident must register the guest, as well as their guest’s vehicle, with the Department of Community Policing, 901 Pardee Street, 926-3339. This will help avoid the resident being cited for unregistered guests as well as their guest’s unregistered vehicles being cited.

How do I register my guests?

You can register your guests at the Department of Community Policing, 901 Pardee Street, 926-3339. If your guest arrives after the office is closed, call Community Policing and leave a voicemail with our information, including the guest’s name and address, with your telephone number so that we may contact you the next business day.

What information do I need to register my guest’s vehicle?

Your guest will need to bring a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, and their vehicle to 901 Pardee Street to obtain a temporary parking pass.

What if my guest brings a pet?

Your guest’s pet must also be registered at the Department of Community Policing. Shot records for the pet must be provided.

Who is considered a guest?

Anyone not listed on your lease is considered a guest.

How do I make a report?

You can make a report by contacting the Department of Community Policing, 901 Pardee Street, 926-3339. After hours, you can leave a voicemail. If you do not have a telephone, you can, at no cost to yourself, fill out a H.E.L.P. card, which can be picked up at the Administrative Offices, 901 Pardee Street, and the Resident Centers.

Will the person be told who made the report?

No. All reports to this office are kept confidential.

What is considered a reportable incident?

Any time there is criminal activity, a lease violation and/or someone is disturbing your peaceful enjoyment of your community.

Why did I receive a letter from the Department of Community Policing?

Any time there is a suspected violation of the above-mentioned items, the Department of Community Policing notifies the individual with a letter of the alleged incident. The resident is afforded an opportunity to respond to the allegation by calling the Department of Community Policing at 926-3339.

Will I be evicted on a first incident?

One of the missions of the Johnson City Housing Authority is to provide affordable safe housing to those that are in need. With that mission in mind, and understanding the close proximity of the living arrangements without our communities, this office allows the residents, within a reasonable amount of time, to correct the situation, while being monitored. If the situation is not corrected within a reasonable amount of time, residents are required to come in for personal one on one counseling.
However, in the case where drugs or an event of an aggravated nature is involved, the Authority has a zero tolerance for these activities.

What do I do when I’m going on vacation?

Residents should call this office and inform when you are going to be away for an extended period of time. Community Policing will notify the Community Policing Unit Office to provide extra patrol of the premises.

How can I get involved?

One way you can get involved with the Department of Community Policing is through Community Involvement participation. Community Involvement meetings are held monthly at the Community Policing building, 901 Pardee Street. These meetings are open to all residents. At these meetings, we share the latest information concerning Community Involvement as well as providing an opportunity to voice your concerns. The Community Policing Unit Officer provides presentations during the meetings and is available to provide advice.

What should I do if I have not seen my neighbor for a period of time and am concerned about their welfare?

If you are concerned about your neighbor’s welfare, contact the Department of Community Policing, 901 Pardee Street at 926-3339.

When should I call 9-1-1?

Any time there is a situation that involves criminal activity or is an emergency in nature, call 9-1-1 first and then call Community Policing at 926-3339.

How do I go about registering my pet?

No pets may be brought on the premises before it is registered with the Johnson City Housing Authority. According to the Johnson City Housing Authority Pet Policy, to register a cat or dog, the pet owner must provide:

  1. Financial obligations include a pet deposit shall be equal to one month Total Tenant Payment or Flat Rent whichever is lesser of the two.
  2. A non-refundable fee of $50 will also be required to cover the reasonable operating costs to the development relating to the presence of pets.
  3. Owners of pets will be charged a $25 maintenance charge for each occasion that the maintenance staff needs to clean up after the pet.  If the cost for cleaning up or damage repair exceeds $25, the tenant will be charged the actual cost.
  4. Birds, fish and small caged mammals are exempt from the pet deposit and non-refundable fee.
  5. A certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian or state or local authority stating that the pet has received all inoculations required by applicable state and local law.  All cats and dogs over the age of six months must be neutered or spayed and tenant must provide such evidence to the Housing Authority.
  6. Proof that the animal is properly licensed and registered in accordance with the City of Johnson City requirements.  The ANIMAL REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE, Appendix 1 and 2 must be filled out per City of Johnson City Animal Control Ordinance.  Pet owner is responsible for compliance with City of Johnson City Animal Control Ordinance currently in effect or as may be amended from time to time.
  7. Information sufficient to identify the pet.
  8. Name, address, and phone number of one or more responsible parties who will care for the pet if the pet owner dies, is incapacitated, or is otherwise unable to care for the pet.
  9. Pet Information Sheet must be filled out.
  10. Pet Information Sheet must be updated annually at the annual recertification.

Can I have a guest pet in my apartment?

According to the Johnson City Housing Authority Pet Policy, pets not owned by a resident may be permitted on the premises, however, the animal must be on a leash if brought outside the apartment, and the animal is confined to the resident’s unit only. Further, the head of the household is responsible for any damage to the personal property of the Housing Authority property by the visitor’s animal. There is a (5) day limit per visit. Visitor must register with Housing Authority before letting animal stay in unit.

What kind of pet can be registered?

According to the Johnson City Housing Authority Pet Policy, no snakes are allowed. Animals that are exotic, wild, unusual, or different from normal household pets, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, or similar animals or fowl either domesticated or non-domesticated are prohibited. Raccoons, lizards, rabbits, hedgehogs, snakes, potbelly pigs, ferrets, or any other warm blood or cold-blooded animal which can normally be found in the wild state and which may pose a nuisance or danger to other residents and/or employees are prohibited. Any animal or animals that attacks, bites, injures or poses a threat to a person or other animals without adequate provocation; or which, because of temperament, conditioning, or training, has a known propensity to attack, bite or injure people or other animals are prohibited. Pit bulls and rottweilers are not permitted at any time as pets.

How many pets can I have?

A companion animal will be defined as a common household pet such as a dog, cat, bird, gerbil, hamster or fish. Pets, other than cats and dogs, shall have suitable housing, e.g. cages or aquariums. There will be no more than one cat or dog or caged mammal per apartment. Under no circumstances will there be more than one pet per apartment allowed. A maximum of two birds may be permitted and in the case of fish, no more than one aquarium with a 20-gallon capacity shall be allowed. The mature size of a dog is limited to a weight not to exceed 20 pounds (except for a registered service animal).

What do I need to bring to register my car?

Register your vehicle at the Department of Community Policing, 901 Pardee Street, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. You need to bring your state of Tennessee driver’s license and your Tennessee Vehicle Registration. Your vehicle must be physically present so that the Community Policing personnel may place the parking sticker inside your vehicle. The Tennessee Vehicle Registration must be in the name of a member of the household.

Do I have to register my guest’s vehicle?

Yes. If the guest is going to be staying overnight or after 12 midnight, which is considered an overnight guest, the guest must obtain a temporary parking pass and have the above-mentioned items with them.

Why did my vehicle get stickered with a Johnson City Housing Authority Parking Citation?

It is a warning that you are in violation of the Johnson City Housing Authority Parking Policy and that, if corrective action is not taken immediately, the stickered vehicle is subject to be towed at owner’s expense.

Can I move my parking sticker?

The parking stickers are placed inside the vehicle by Community Policing personnel in a specific location, which is the rear window upper left hand corner and should not be moved to avoid misidentification.

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