Section 8 Housing Programs

JCHA has two federally funded Section 8 programs for families – a Housing Choice Voucher Program and the Homeownership Program. Read below to learn more about your eligibility for these programs and what they can provide.

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Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

Section 8 is a rent-supplement program designed to help families find safe and sanitary housing in the private market and also to help them with the cost of rent and utilities.

Under the program, the family pays between 30 to 40 percent of its adjusted income or a minimum fee for rent and utilities. JCHA pays the difference directly to the landlord. Property in this program must meet quality standards of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and must pass an inspection conducted by a JCHA inspector.

Section 8 Homeownership

The Johnson City Housing Authority’s Section 8 Homeownership Program provides an opportunity for eligible Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher participants to become homeowners.

Qualified families may use the Housing Choice Voucher Program to purchase the following types of homes within city limits:

  • An existing home
  • A newly constructed home
  • A home under construction
  • A manufactured home
  • A townhouse or condominium
  • A cooperative

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must have held a JCHA Housing Choice Voucher for at least one year
  • Must be in compliance with all rules and requirements as set forth in the JCHA Section 8 Administrative Plan
  • Must not have any outstanding debts with the JCHA or any other housing authority
  • Must be a first-time home buyer
  • Must meet a minimum income requirement and requisite employment criteria
  • Must not have defaulted on a mortgage or other debt used to purchase a home under the homeownership option
  • Must not have an ownership interest in any residence at the commencement of homeownership assistance

For more information, contact the JCHA Department of Resident Services by calling (423) 926-3225.

Download the Section 8 Administrative Plan for complete information about Section 8 housing and how it benefits families.

Report a Change in Income

Submit an electronic form to report your change of income. All other changes must be reported in person at the JCHA Main Administrative Office.
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