To be eligible for continued occupancy, each adult family member must either contribute eight hours per month of community service within the community in which the public housing development is located or participate in an economic self-sufficiency program.

The following adult family members are exempt from the Community Service requirement

  • Family members who are 62 or older
  • Individual who has a disability that prevents him or her from being gainfully employed
  • One who is the caretaker of a disabled person
  • Family members who are working at least 20 hours per week
  • Or family members who are participating in a welfare to work program

The Department of Admissions & Occupancy monitors compliance with the Community Service Requirement. It is the family member(s) responsibility to perform the community service and to be sure the service is documented. Please note: Failure to satisfactorily complete the community service requirement is grounds for not renewing or terminating a resident’s lease.

Volunteer opportunities

  • Coalition for Kids, Amanda Beattie, 423-434-2031
  • Salvation Army, Herman Rice, 423-926-2101, 423-791-1350
  • Johnson City Public Library, Willie Weems, 423-434-4474 or reference 423-434-4454
  • Good Samaritan, 423-928,0288
  • Haven of Mercy, Bill Ingram, 423-929-0616
  • Carver Recreation Center, Herb Greenlee, 423-461-8830
  • Legion Recreation Center, Bart Lyon, 423-461-4850
  • Girls Incorporated, Laura Waddey, 423-926-4251
  • Mountain View School, Christy Gambrell, 423-434-5260
  • Keystone Recreation Center, Marrilyn Yorrick, 423-232-4627
  • Headstart, Millie Wainscott, 423-926-7821
  • Johnson City Area United Way, Linda Hoit, 423-282-5682
  • Haven of Mercy Thrift Store, Joe, 423-929-1474

Documents you may need

Community Service Policy Outline
Community Service Agreement
Community Service Exemption
Community Service Time Sheet
Community Service Cure
Community Service Flowchart